NEW (November 2021): WLRN'S Thistle Pettersen has just released a new album of original feminist music featuring the title track "Spinning and Weaving," inspired by my anthology Spinning and Weaving: Radical Feminism for the 21st Century! Buy the album here!

NEW (summer 2021): WLRN's Thistle Pettersen wrote "Spinning and Weaving," a song about feminist collaboration, in celebration of the publication of Spinning and Weaving! Watch the video by WLRN's April Neault here!

Here's some of the media coverage of Spinning and Weaving so far (click the links):

And here's recent media coverage of some of our authors:

  • Yağmur Uygarkızi interviewed on "Yağmur Uygarkızi on How Reading Fuels Her Feminism on How Reading Fuels Her Feminism":
  • Melissa Farley on the FiLiA podcast:   "In this episode of the FiLiA Podcast, Luba Fein talks to Dr Melissa Farley, PhD. Dr Farley's contribution to the body of knowledge in the sex trade is tremendous. She is the most influential researcher in this field today, and learning about her research and activism is a "must" for every abolitionist and/ or feminist."
  • Check out Renee Gerlich's project of creating seven short books she's calling her "Brief, Complete Herstory." The series rewrites history from women's perspective, and begins with the "big bang" in Book 1.
  • Check out Dana Vitalosova's interviews and articles on
  • Check out M.K. Fain's writings on and her "Identity Crisis" podcast with Sasha White on YouTube:
  • Check out Gail Dines' Culture Reframed website helping parents raise porn-resilient kids:

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