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Spinning and Weaving

Radical Feminism for the 21st Century

Spinning and Weaving: The Album!

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Spinning and Weaving: Radical Feminism for the 21st Century is on sale now!

Spinning and Weaving is available through bookstores worldwide, online retailers, and our publisher's website, Tidal Time Publishing,

Spinning and Weaving

A renaissance of radical feminist theory and activism is flowering. Spinning and Weaving: Radical Feminism for the 21st Century brings together the best in new radical feminist theory.

Table of Contents

Spinning and Weaving features over forty chapters of radical feminist analysis and fiction on topics like sisterhood, intersectionality, lesbian feminism, ecofeminism, sexual exploitation, gender ideology, and technology.

About the Authors

Spinning and Weaving features more than thirty-five radical feminist authors from across the globe.